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How to Figure Out a Goal

A goal is a plan for the future. Group goals are about changing something in your community or organization [changing something that affects a whole group of people]. They need to be decided on by a group of people who want to work together. Personal goals are different than group goals. They are about one person’s future and are worked on by that one person with help from friends, family, and other people. This tip sheet is about how to figure out group goals. When the group makes one goal, you can go back to step one to make another goal.

Step 1: As a group make a list of ideas for a goal by answering these questions:

Be as clear and detailed/exact as you can. A goal should be something you know you have the time, resources [like money, community support] and people to work on.

Step 2: Once you have a list of ideas, pick one and make sure everyone in your group agrees on it.

Also remember if your group is part of a project or organization the goal will need to fit with what the project/organization does. If there is a Mission Statement, a statement written by an organization about what it does, be sure that your goal fits under the Mission Statement. If it does not fit, you can go back to the list made during step 1 and pick another goal, find another organization to work with or make your own club/group to work on the goal.

Step 3: Make a list of steps to work on/complete your goal. These steps will be how you know you are working on your goal. For example a step may be, “Meet with the principal to talk about getting a ramp into the gym”.

Step 4:For each step list out the tasks that need to be done to finish a step. For example, the step is to: “Meet with the principal to talk about getting a ramp into the gym”. Tasks to make this happen are:

Step 5: Time lines are dates the group decides tasks will be done by. This can help to figure out how long a goal will take. Think about When it will get done by and Who will do it.For example: for the step of “Meet with the principal to talk about getting a ramp into the gym”. A time line for the Tasks could be –


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