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Youth Webinars:

New Youth-Created Guides

KASA has also recently also put out new guides and info sheets. You can find these under the Youth Resources page.

Some of these include:

Driving with Adaptations
When you have a physical disability, driving a car may seem like an unreachable goal. Though it may not be possible to accommodate every type of disability, there are several adaptations that can make driving a reality. If driving seems like a responsibility you are ready to take on, check out this tip sheet to learn about accommodations for your needs.

Travel Tip Sheet
In today’s world, a lot of people enjoy traveling and visiting other places. Traveling may seem difficult because there is a lot of planning involved, especially as a young person with a disability, but if you follow some of these tips, you can have a great vacation!

Awareness Through Networking
This tip sheet will give you advice on how to network, or connect with new people, so that you can teach them about and make them more comfortable with your disability. The more people know about disabilities as a whole, the more disability awareness is spread.

Tips For Surviving Your Freshman Year of College
The transition from high school to college can be hard but fun. In college you have a lot more responsibility to make sure you get what you need. This tip sheet shares what you need to know to survive (and have fun) in your first year of college.

Disability Pride: What is it? How can we express it? Disability Pride is an important part of advocacy. Wondering how you can have Disability Pride? Read this to learn about the three parts of disability pride; acceptance, community and history and ways to show your pride.

What is a Center for Independent Living? Check out this info sheet to learn more about what CILs do and the many ways they can help you.

Getting Involved in Doing Community Service Check out this tip-sheet for tips, stories and resources about how you can volunteer in your community.

Breaking Down Barriers: Going to College Everybody should have a choice to go to college. Read this info sheet to find about more about how to do it.

Voting to Voice OUR Opinions for Change We would like to change these things, but how do we go about making these changes? Check out this this info sheet to learn about getting involved in the political process.

Relationships and Dating In the world of relationships, people must cross the same, treacherous terrain as everyone else. Read about Kieran's experience with dating.

Announcing KASA's newest pocket guide:

How to be Involved in a Board or Council: Roles and Responsibilities

It covers:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Skills and/or attitudes needed to serve on a board/council
  • Tips to deal with what might be hard
  • And much more!
Written by youth who have served on boards and councils successfully, this 24 page pocket guide will give young people interested in getting more involved in their community the information they need!

Order your copy today! Download the order form or go to the Family Voices Resources and Publications.

Announcing KASA's manual for adult run organizations, agencies and projects:

YOUTH AS LEADERS: A "how-to" Manual on including youth as leaders in your organization, agency or project

Does your organization want to…

  • be more accountable to the population you serve?
  • be accessible to a broader audience?
  • create opportunities to learn?
  • enhance sustainability?
  • increase credibility to policymakers and the public?
  • influence future leaders?

Available in Spanish.

Order your copy today! Download the order form or go to the Family Voices Resources and Publications.

Standardized Testing: What Youth with Disabilities Have to Say

Do you want to know what young people with disabilities have to say about the high school exit exam (a standardized test a student must pass to get a high school diploma) as well as other standardized tests?

Here's your chance!

Check out our white paper on standardized testing.

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