Youth Track at a Conference

KASA Articles

These articles have been written by our members. Each one is on a topic designed to share an experience.

Bryan's Odyssey: The Story of a Journey
By Bryan Dooley
November 2010
Join Bryan as he shares about his travels to New Mexico.

Using Interdependence
By Micah Fialka-Feldman
November 2010
Interdependence simply means depending on each other. Read Micah’s story about how he uses interdependence to get things done!

My Story About Surviving A Hospital Stay
By Sunjay Smith
March 2010
This article is about Sunjay’s experience in the hospital, what he wished doctors understood, and about transitioning back to the community.

Dreaming About Driving
By Jennifer Thomas
June 2008
It was always Jennifer’s dream to drive. Read about her experience and the steps she took to make her dream come true.

Going to the Genetic Alliance Conference
By Liz MacDonald
July 2003
In July 2003, Liz attended the Genetic Alliance Conference on behalf of KASA. Read about her experience here.

My Second Story of Scott
By Micah
August 14, 2003
Almost two years ago, Micah introduced us to his friend Scott who "had a good mind and a good smile". Micah has some new reflections on his friendship with Scott, which has entered a new chapter.

Inclusion & Advocacy--According to Micah
By Micah December 15, 2003
Micah, a longtime youth advocate, shows us what inclusion and advocacy means to him, in pictures. Travel with him as he navigates his college campus and his after school activities.

Welcome to... A Typical Life (and I have a disability!)
By Torrie
July 25, 2002
Torrie shares her feelings about the popular story of one parent's take on raising a child with a disability, Welcome to Holland. This has been widely shared and used to describe what life is like as a parent learns of their child's diagnosis, and Torrie disagrees...strongly.

I Heave Heard the Wind
By Torrie
July 25, 2002
Torrie is a deaf and disability rights advocate, as well as her many other interests. Read about her story, of missing the wind, and hearing it again.

School in a Small Town
By Dezirae
July 25, 2002
Dez lives in a small town in Ohio. She loves to write and is currently working on her first novel, and she has a poem that is soon to be published in an anthology.

Scott Has a Good Mind and a Good Smile
By Micah Fialka-Feldman
June 13, 2002
Micah made a good friend and learned some valuable lessons about friendship from the Summer Inclusion Institute 2001.

All About Erin: Diabetes? Not Me!
By Erin
May 17, 2002
Contributor Erin talks about the discovery of her diabetes, and later the added diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Erin's story is very honest and descriptive.

Children with Disabilities Deserve Equality
By Christina Mills
June 1, 2001
Christina explains accessible playgrounds.

Nobody is the Same
By Lizzie MacDonald
January 10, 2001

A Sister's Story
By Samantha Via
December 27, 2000 Samantha has TWO brothers with special health care needs. Read about what life is like for her here.

Proud of My "Disability"
By Katie Beckett
November 28, 2000

Job Discrimination
By Katie Beckett
July 20, 2000

The Katie Beckett Story
By Katie Beckett
June 28, 2000

Helping Others
By Katie Beckett
April 24, 2000

Report from AMCHP
By Janell Wells
April 24, 2000

Achieving Goals
By Christina Mills
April 24, 2000
An interview with 1996 Paraolympic athlete Eric Nitzel from San Diego California.

Living with a Disability 24-7-365
By Joe MacDonald
What it's like to be a big brother to someone with special health care needs. Click here to read about Joe!

Youth Track at a Conference
By Maia Wroblewski
May 5, 2002
Maia, a college student, was instrumental in the success of the development of a "youth track" at a state families conference. Maia explains what happened and why it was good! Read about what to do, how to be prepared.

How to Involve Youth in a Conference
By Naomi Ortiz
March 7, 2001 Read about how to involve youth at a conference. This is also good for adults who want to include youth on a task force or advisory board.

How to Be on a Conference Call
By Katie Beckett
Katie gives helpful tips about being on a conference call and to participate in a meaningful way.

Guidelines For Reporting and Writing about People with Disabilities
By RTC/IL Publications, University of Kansas 1996

By Maia Wroblewski
January 15, 2002
I am sure that everyone who has ever had a latex allergy is used to seeing this warning: "Caution: this product may contain latex which can lead to serious allergic reactions for some people." But do you know it all?