Going To the Genetic Alliance Conference

Going To the Genetic Alliance Conference

by Liz MacDonald

In July (2003), I went to a Genetic Alliance Conference. It was held in Arlington, VA. This was a three day conference that they had. I was very interested in the conference. This was because there were kids with disabilities there.

The reason why I was asked to go to the conference was because Genetic Alliance wanted to speak to the children about KASA. They also wanted me to tell the kids who were there and the parents who were there at the meeting how I advocate for myself.

The kids spoke mostly about their accommodations in their schools. These kids didn't have physical disabilities, such as being in a wheelchair or not being able to walk. It wasn't like if you saw them on the street you could tell that they looked different and had a disability. They mostly had a disease that could not be cured.

The kids also had an IEP that they talked about. This meant that they would have accommodations made for them for school, such as getting extra time to finish Tests and Quizzes that they did not get done in class or out of the class in that period. I know this because they talked about it when I spoke at my presentation.

There was a special part in the conference for the youth. We met and we talked about ourselves. We also had our own special dinner meeting with pizza. During the conference large group sessions most of the youth sat together.

I had to do some advocating for myself while I was at his conference. This was because the room that we had ordered was not big enough for my electric wheelchair. So this meant that we had to ask the manager if he had any more assessable rooms left that had room for my electric wheelchair to move around. It just so happens that there was one left.

I enjoyed this conference so much. This was because I got to learn about what Genetic Alliance was about and to meet people with disabilities. I hope that the people at Genetic Alliance let me come back and speak again at next year's conference.

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