Inclusion & Advocacy--According to Micah:

Inclusion & Advocacy--According to Micah:
Definitions in Pictures

by Micah Fialka-Feldman

Micah, a longtime youth advocate, shows us what inclusion and advocacy means to him, in pictures. Travel with him as he navigates his college campus and his after school activities.

This is me at college. I am trying not to get lost. Right now I am with some friends and we are trying to read the map and figure it out.

This is me trying to get to the recreation center. I am alone now and it is different than trying to get somewhere with friends. I feel different and I felt better when I was "lost" with my friends.

This is me shooting baskets with some friends. I have been shooting hoops with them every since college started-about 6 weeks.

This is me putting up a flyer about needing a driver to get to school and back home. I am taking responsibility to find myself a driver so I don't have to rely on family or the bus.

I did get a driver and he is cool

This is me in front of a mural for Detroit Summer. This is aprogram that I am involved in. We fix up the city, paint things and teach others about inclusion. We try to help others understand how people like me can be in regular classes and regular activities.

This is me with my teacher. She and I are working together to make sure there is a good program at college for other kids like me.

This is me at the college ID office. Here I am, just like any other college kid who needs an ID.

This is me with another teacher in the program. We all are working together to make sure this is a good program.

This is me in the weight room at college. I am trying to work hard to be healthy.

And, even advocates need a break!

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