Living with Disability 24-7-365

Living with Disability 24-7-365

by Joe MacDonald, 9th grade, Delaware

Some people still dont understand about kids with special needs but many are catching on. I myself, have lived with my sister who has a disability for 11 years. My sister, Lizzy who adapts well to her size and everyone else takes a liking to her special size. I have seen many important things happen over the years in this house that have involved my mom and my sister. My mom , who is a Family Voices Coordinator of Delaware has been a fighter for disabled people for many years. My mom has traveled all within the Delmarva area and some areas outside that region. She has fought long and hard for those with disabilities and has achieved many of those battles. My mom has worked side by side with many famous politicians such as former senator Bill Roth, Senator Tom Carper (former Governor of DE), Collin Bonini, and Jerry Buckworth. Without these people many of her achievements would not be possible. These politicians have helped the public know that equal rights are for everyone no matter what.

My sister who has followed in my moms footsteps goes to conferences and meetings involving issues about disabled people. Many years ago, disabled children did not have equal rights like everyone else. Anyone disabled in general could not have the same job as everyone else, either due to racism among coworkers and there chairman above them or because there were no access ramps or elevators and no handicap parking. Children had to go to special schools and did not have equal opportunities as other children did. But in this day and age, disabled people are heading major corporations and receiving scholarships to Harvard. Children go to regular elementaries and graduate with the needed skills. Disabled men and women of the world must be recognized by everyone and treated equally. With your help one day everyone will be realized as an equal race.

I have seen many things in my life that not many people get to see. When i was just 3 years old my sister had been home from the hospital only 18 hours, when she started gasping for air but could not breath. My mother picked her up from her crib and held her to see what was wrong. Then my sister vomited all over. I know that may sound disturbing, but this meant she was breathing. She was rushed to the hospital where she stayed until she was almost one year old. She has been in two halos, once when she was young and once when she was in the 4th grade. I guess I never realized it, but my mom has always told me stories of when I was younger when i did all that I could to help my sister. I always was at the hospital for her with my family. I have seen alot of changes over the years. For instance, my mom always fighting to get my sister the technology and help she needed in school or my grandparents helping out when they could to watch me when my sister was sick. Being disabled is not a crime. It is a gift that God gave to you. Have you ever heard of the crippled lamb in the stable the night Jesus was born? The little lamb wondered why he was different and why God made him that way. But the night that Jesus was born, little lamb crawled over to Jesus and baby Jesus held tight to the little lamb to keep warm. Then it struck him ,this was why God made him like this and this is what he was put on this earth to do. So, if anything ever happens to you or your friends and you become disabled or you are born disabled, think of that little lamb.

Joe is in the 9th grade. In his spare time, he likes to ride his bike and learn and talk about hot rods. He also likes rock bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and the Rolling Stones. He hopes to get an electric guitar soon cause he thinks they are cool.

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