Nobody is the Same

Nobody is the Same

by Lizzy MacDonald, age 11, Delaware

Nobody is the same. Everybody is different in their own little way. Some people may not have legs. Maybe twins may be conjoined, but that doesn't mean that you are not part of the regular size people or children or maybe even twin group. Nobody should make fun of anybody. Just because you look different, doesn’t always mean that they act different. If someone is in a wheelchair, and they want to play in a play, they can play a special part in the play that no one else has, they can play that scene. In fact, my mom and I know someone whose son is in a wheelchair, and every year his school has a play, and he joins in on the fun in the play. Our friend has a head injury. He is in a regular high school. I on the other hand, have a rare type of dwarfism called S.E.D. congenita. I am 30in. tall, and I use crutches to walk. I am also in the band. You know what I do when people or children stare at me when I am in a store, I look at them and smile. Sometimes they will smile back.

Or they will look away. They are usually surprised that I'm talking because I’m so small.

Remember, you're the one that is special.

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