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How to Succeed in College

by Dria Fearne

As a disabled student-Attention Deficit Disorder and mild dyslexia-I was a little apprehensive about going to college for fear that it would be too difficult. Fortunately, college is not the academic nightmare guidance counselors and teachers make it out to be, but rather feels like the next logical step after high school-you will not fail if you put in the effort, especially if you take advantaged of the following pointers.

Disabilities Services Office

Getting Classes

How to Get the "A"

Word to the wise: I do recommend going into your respective disability services office with documentation in hand (if applicable) and a smile on your face, because you are going to see a lot of those people over the next four years.

Dria has Attention Deficit Disorder, dysgraphia, and a specific learning disability affecting language acquisition. Her plans are to attend law school after finishing her undergraduate degree. Dria is a third year political science major at UCLA, where she is heavily involved in both the Office of Residential Life and the Office for Students with Disabilities. Feel free to e-mail her with any questions, comments, or suggestions at