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My Basketball Team

by Eleanor Bailey

I have played on a Special Olympics basketball team for people with disabilities for four years.  This year we started practice in January.  We practice on Friday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. We have a regional tournament and a state tournament.

            Katie, Chloe, Missy, Chrissie, Holly and another girl are my teammates.  Chris is my coaches. At practice, we work on dribbling and shooting hoops. We work on passing the ball. We practice dribbling around the coaches who are trying to defend us. We try to shoot over the coaches even though they try to steal the ball from us.  We try to work as a team by passing the ball.

            I have become a better basketball player over the four years.  In school I work on basketball in PE.  I learned to bounce the ball with my fingertips and to keep the ball at a lower height near my hips.  I learned how to do chest passes.  I worked on passing skills and catching skills. Before, I couldn’t catch very well, but now I can catch the ball no matter where the ball is.

When I was younger, I couldn’t make baskets because I couldn’t get the ball up high enough and I didn’t stand close enough to the basket.  But, now I am better at it. Now I shoot the ball higher. When I miss, the ball bounces off the rim but I am getting it up high enough.  Sometimes the ball hits the rim, circles around the rim and then falls through the basket!

            My favorite part of my basketball team is making friends. I am comfortable playing with kids with disabilities and I can make friends with them.  I enjoy my coaches.  Getting exercise is also fun, too.

            Now I am looking forward to playing in the State Tournament.

Eleanor is a proud member of the KASA Youth Information, Training and Resource Center Task Force.


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Indoor Wheelchair Soccer

by Christina Mills

As you may know, Indoor Wheelchair Soccer (IWS) is a national sport that is growing every year. It’s played just like “able-bodied” soccer, but has a few minor changes to it. For example, in IWS we play with tour hands instead of our feet. IWS used to be known as Wheelchair Handball, but in order for it to become recognized by the Paraolympics (Olympics for athletes with disabilities), they had to change the name.

Now for the important news. The annual IWS Nationals will be held in San Diego, CA this year from January 13th through the 16th. All spectators are welcome to come watch as 7 different teams will battle for the winner’s trophy. For the past 2 years the first place trophy has gone to the team from Houston, TX, but this year is sure to be different!

I will be competing on the San Diego YMCA Bullets team and we are sure to be the winners this year!

*If any of you are interested in knowing if there is a team near you or if you want to start a team, email me.

Stay tuned next month for the results of the Annual Indoor Wheelchair Soccer scores and the next phat sporting event of the month!


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Welcome Sports Fans!

by Christina Mills

Greetings Club KASA members! My name is Christina Mills and I will be writing a sports column. The reason why I was chosen to write this column is because I have had my share of experiences with a variety of different wheelchair sports. To give you a brief history about myself, let me start by telling you that my disability is Osteogenisis Imperfecta–a bone disease. I am 22 years old and I live in San Diego, California.

As a child I can remember my Mom always having a hard time explaining why I couldn’t play on the playground with my peers, eventually we just stopped going there,” says Megan Brooks, a college student born with cerebral palsy.

When I was in seventh grade, I decided I wanted to join a swim team that my “able-bodied” friends were already a part of. I went to practice with them one day and the coach sort of looked at me strangely as I began to get into the water. At first, Julie, my coach, tried to stop me.

But she let me try it.

It was that day in seventh grade that changed my life. I swam with the “able-bodied”team known as the Swim Pals for 3 years and then continued on to the high school team when I entered the ninth grade. It was then again that the coach sort of looked at me strangely, but she gave me a chance to prove how much I adored the sport. During high school, I found out about an adaptive team and soon enough began swimming with them also. Swimming is where it all started, but it isn’t the only sport I have been successfully competing in.

I hope to entertain you all with stories of my sports life as well as other sports happenings going on across the country. If any of you have something you would like to ask me or if you have any sports you would like me to talk about, just let me know.


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