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What’s on the KASA website?

The KASA website provides resources, information, and a place to share ideas and experiences for people interested in issues concerning youth with disabilities and special healthcare needs. The KASA website is chock full of useful links, newsworthy events, stories, and other personal contributions of KASA youth.

Here’s a brief run-down of what you will find on the KASA website:

Membership information: How to join KASA (and why you should!).

Reports: Articles and tips written by KASA members about their experiences with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Resources: Web links to other sources of information about civil rights, education, prevention & recovery, health, staying safe, work, sports, leisure, & recreation, dating & relationships, technology, transportation & getting around, and disability history & culture.

KASA Advisory Board and KASA Task Force Info: Brief biographies and photographs of our KASA leadership teams.

Gallery: Online gallery with poetry and artwork.

KASA forums: Place for KASA youth and adult allies to pose questions, voice concerns, or share ideas with others.

KASA news: Updates about KASA’s progress and the activities of its staff and board members.

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