Marijuana Green Crack Strain Review

Strain name info: Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  Providing energy

Positive Effects  Green Crack weed strain effects
Origin / ancestry Green Crack Type: The most popular type of Green Crack is likely a Sativa made by crossing Skunk #1 with an Indica strain with a mango taste. Another type is dominantly an Indica, probably of Afghani origin. It was originally called Green Cush with a C but, was renamed Green Crack by famous rapper Snoop Dogg to emphasize the strong energizing properties of this weed. Some have moved away from this name, because it contains no cocaine and they would rather avoid the confusion and connotation. They prefer to call it Green Cush.
Aromas, Flavors Green Crack has a tropic twist, mango taste, sweetness, piney, fruitiness, and citrusy flavor.
May Relieve Green Crack bud is mainly a recreational strain. However, it’s energizing properties can give a boost to those with depression complicated with anxiety. It may also increase creativity and productivity.
THC Content:

15% to 25%,

 cannabis Green Crack thc cbd
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoor growers can expect to get eighteen ounces per meter squared.  Grown outdoors, this strain may yield 20 ounces per plant.
Flowering time Green Crack may take seven to nine weeks for flowering to be complete.
Genetic  marijuana Green Crack genetics
Harvest Harvest will come around late September or early October.
Disease resistance Green Crack is vulnerable to powder mildew and so conditions must be closely controlled, and moisture-controlled air made to circulate freely between the leaves.
Plant Height Green Crack grows very tall and may exceed 78 inches.
Type Auto-flowering
Adverse effects Green Crack’s strong energizing effect can cause panic attack in those prone to anxiety. It can cause strong anticholinergic effects including red, dry eyes which may be a dead giveaway, and dry mouth making it difficult to eat even when stricken with a strong appetite.
Growing difficulty Growing Green Crack is fairly easy once air moisture control and circulation is attained. This can be done by growing in a dry, sunny, warm climate, and giving sufficient room for the leaves to spread out when growing outdoors.  Indoors, make sure ventilation is sufficient and the air is kept fairly dry to avoid mildew contamination.

cannabis Green Crack

Origins, Genetics, History

Green Crack may have originated in Athens, Georgia during the 70s decade. It was bred from Skunk #1 as a Sativa dominant plant. A second popular strain of Green Crack is Indica dominant and bred from landrace Afghani parents. The plant was originally called Green Cush, with a ‘C’. However, it is a favorite of weed enthusiast, rapper Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, who dubbed it Green Crack for its energizing properties. Many weed enthusiasts have tried to revive the old name, so that it is clear that Green Crack contains no cocaine, and the Indica strain may have more relaxing properties while the Sativa will be invigorating as expected.

marijuana Green Crack strain

Appearance and Smell

The Green Crack is a tall plant. It has a smell of lemon, pine, citrus, mango, tropical, sweet, and fruity. The potent smell and taste is a real treat in this strain. You can get a strong sensation from just a whiff of the plant.

Green Crack has dark green leaves and is full of white, frosty trichomes, and colorful orange-brown hairs. It is a tall, beautiful, and impressive plant.

ghowing Green Crack weed strain

How to Grow Green Crack Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Green Crack cannabis seeds and cuttings is said to be fairly easy. The plant is susceptible to powder mildew so there needs to be plenty of ventilation in the area where the plant is to be grown.

Indoors, Green Crack will be ready for harvest in seven to nine weeks. Green Crack grown indoors can be expected to yield about eighteen ounces per meter squared.

Outdoors, Green Crack should be grown in a dry, warm, Mediterranean-like area. It can yield 20 grams per plant outdoors, where it will stretch out, giving it room for proper air ventilation. It will be ready for harvest in late September or early October.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Green Crack tends to have high THC levels, from 15 percent to 25 percent. The most popular form is Sativa dominant. While it is a great recreational strain, it’s energizing properties can be perfect for ailments like depression. It will provide a strong euphoria and mood boost. The boost in energy may help some types of ADHD and can improve productivity.

Green Crack may not be suitable for anxiety disorders because of it’s stimulating nature. However, the Indica dominant variety can provide energy without setting off moments of panic and anxiety.

Green Crack also has the ability to tackle chronic pain like back pain, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, neck pain, and migraines.

Green Crack can treat nausea. Its greatest strength may be in treating fatigue of various causes. It can give a kick like a cup of coffee but without the crash often associated with coffee.

Green Crack Weed Price

Vendor: Gras Cannabis
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain Name: Green Crack
Gram – $ 10.62 USD
1/8 ounce – $ 34.92 USD
¼ ounce – $ 68.80 USD
Half – $ 136.80 USD
Ounce – $ 252 USD
Vendor: Little Amsterdam
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain Name: Green Crack
Gram – $ 8 USD
Eighth – $ 25 USD
Quarter- $ 48 USD
Half- $ 90 USD
Ounce- $ 170 USD


Green Crack is first off a tasty treat. It has hints of mango and lemon, tropical, sweet, and fruity. This will prepare you for the strong euphoria which is to follow. Due to the high THC content, you will have to take slowly and let the effects take hold, rather than smoking aggressively. A green crack will take you to levels of energy and euphoria greater than that of competing strains. It will give you energy without creating couchlock or destroying your ability to be creative. You may even be more productive with the responsible use of this strain. This may be a good strain for art or music projects. It is a favorite of rapper Snoop Dogg, a music artist and media mogul who has to make music and public appearances frequently and has had a prolific career spanning several decades.

Green crack provides a very cerebral high. Yet, it has the ability to relax at the same time and prevent crashes or anxiety attacks from spoiling the strong euphoria. Users revere this strain for this ability. Some may use this strain to start the day instead of a cup of coffee, as it lacks the crash one experiences with high caffeine coffee. It may increase alertness and focus and allow one to begin the day with enthusiasm and motivation, rather than sinking into the couch and falling back to sleep.

One of the drawbacks of Green Crack is its anticholinergic effects, characteristic of most strong weed varieties. This effect can dry out your mouth. It can also cause the eyes to become dry. This can lead to redness in the eye, which can be a dead giveaway of having used this medication. This can be treated with bottled water and some eye drop sprays. Simply sip your water and spray your eyes with a moisturizing mist to treat this side effect while enjoying your medicinal marijuana.

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